Yard operating system for data management : Case in Bangkok ICD of Eusu Logistics

By | 07/04/2015

Yard operating system for data management : Case in Bangkok ICD of Eusu Logistics

Eusu Logistics (formerly Hanjin Logistics Korea) specializes in logistics and owns its branches and partners in major global logistics hubs in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The company provides an efficient global SCM for customers. The company was operating an outdated system with excessive manual handling of too much data and too many documents, with a great quantity of shipment documents individually saved as e-mail or shipment data being manually entered.

OPUS Yard at Bangkok ICD for Hanjin Logistics

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To improve those issues, the company decided to renew the UI and framework by adopting new systematic management procedure OPUS Yard of CyberLogitec, which will provide yard management system that could actively respond to EDI linkage and automated input for import & export operation and the management of the complex and diversified Bangkok ICD(Inland Container Depot). OPUS Yard is a yard operating solution that enables collaboration through data sharing among yard operators like Eusu Logistics, carriers, terminal, 3PL, and customs that use the yard, and other various interested parties in logistics. OPUS Yard is composed of Gate, Yard, CFS, Customs, and Trucking Operation.

[OPUS Yard Configuration for Bangkok ICD of Eusu Logistics]

Import & export management

Container management

EDI management

Calculation management

Reference information

System management


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