Interview: Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason throws new insight of vision in Terminal Industry (1/2)

By | 26/03/2015

Interview: Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason throws new insight of vision in Terminal Industry


Interviewer: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself.

Jason: I’m currently leading Terminal Business Unit at CyberLogitec. I’ve been working quite some time at CyberLogitec, gaining experience in various fields from being on board vessels to devising shipping IT strategies, leading terminal IT projects, and much more.

At college, I majored in nautical science. I got a job at Hanjin Shipping right out of school to work onboard container and bulk ship for three years. After that, I was placed in Voyage Management Department, working in maritime technology, ship status, and other tasks. 

Afterwards, I was placed in a new department at Hanjin Shipping that was responsible for establishing IT strategies. I participated as an IT strategy planner, carrying out my duties as a business analyst who distributed and led knowledge required for managing maritime voyages. I also took part in computerizing ship and maritime affairs. While operating the workflow and managing the computer system in all fields in Hanjin shipping, I came to understand the overall working of a maritime shipping company.

My career led me to participate in acquiring a German shipping company. I worked to finish the acquisition and went on to lead the IT team in Hanjin Shipping European branch offices, helping to launch the company’s New Information System (NIS) and apply it to overseas offices.

I joined CyberLogitec towards the end of 2001 after I returned to Korea, and I was put in charge of Hanjin Shipping’s System Maintenance (SM) organization in 2003. At the end of 2005, I worked as a project manager of a Process Innovation project for applying web environment and external best practice packages to Hanjin’s workflow. 2009 was a transition year for me, because my career was moving towards the field of terminals after 20 years of experience in maritime affairs. The transition was smooth, and now I am leading the Terminal Business Unit at CyberLogitec.

Vice President of Terminal Business Unit Jason @ KAP Terminal

Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason @ KAP Terminal


Interviewer: Do you remember any projects or experiences during your career?

Jason: I participated in various project at Hanjin Shipping directly and indirectly. But I fondly remember NIS, PI, and PNC projects that I participated as project manager in the field.

In 1995, I spearheaded the establishment of New Information System in Hanjin Shpping. 1994 to 1995 was a time when the main frame in the field of data processing was moving to open architecture and client servers. In order to support the execution of Hanjin’s next-generation IT strategies, my team proceeded to develop a company-wide New Information System, along with various consulting firms including IBM, James Martin (a leader in system architecture at the time), Anderson (currently Accenture). At the time when I was participating in that project, such a worldwide project was an extremely innovative and challenging task. Although I experienced shortfalls while working through the project, it became a valuable asset for me as an IT expert, in that I successfully led a project as a PMO. This project was also meaningful because it signaled a transition to developing user-centric IT systems as opposed developer-centric ones in the past. I also obtained a comprehensive view encompassing the whole of maritime shipping industry, not just a part of it.

The most difficult project was the TOS project for PNC Terminal in Busan that I led as a project manager in 2009. PNC was the largest terminal in Korea with DPW as one of the two major shareholders, and the project was a business opportunity that could affect CyberLogitec quite positively. Despite difficulties, my team and I were able to overcome crises big and small to bring the project to a success. The multitude of cases I experienced back then enabled me to successfully deliver terminal projects worldwide. I think the fact that my teammates overcame the difficulties during this project effectively allowed the Terminal Business Unit to develop to where it is now.

Vice President of Terminal Business Unit Jason

Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason


Interviewer: What does the Terminal Business Unit do?

Jason: Terminal Business Unit carries out various tasks regarding terminal solutions. We harbor various organizations for sales and marketing, developing solutions that CyberLogitec strive for, delivering and expressing such solutions for our customers, operating and supporting services after delivery, and developing an engine that automates stowage, the stability of container ship. In addition, we have a team that provides a solution enabling the real-time management and control of assets within terminals. This team provides the Eagle Eye solution, which realizes the convergence with the hardware, not just the software. Eagle eye is special because not only does it involve in automation of terminals, but it also expresses motions of major assets into video or 3D, using signals. In the future, we are planning to upgrade the solution to enable prediction and simulation by gathering data in the terminals. Currently, we have applied KPI to provide alerts when the motion reaches short of what the users require, or when an exception occurs. The solution also provides a rewind function for reviewing incidents after they occur.

Jebel Ali CT #3 Terminal Operating System and Eagle Eye

Jebel Ali CT #3 Terminal Operating System and Eagle Eye

<Overall situation of the terminal is monitored in the terminal control center, and tasks are executed on personal computers>


Jebel Ali Container Terminal that utilizes Eagle Eye is the first case in the world that automated quayside. It is currently being run as a trial basis, and it is important for the terminal business, as well. In addition, we expect the solution to bring enhanced safety and energy-saving effects through yard automation.

How Terminal Operating System Changed Container Terminal Operation of Jebel Ali CT #3

One of the strengths of CyberLogitec is that it has years of accumulated experience of overcoming various difficulties as well as successes in TOS. Based on such experiences, we are delivering TOS in any harsh conditions.

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