Why has world first hybrid terminal deployed CyberLogitec’s Terminal Operating System(TOS)? Inquiry to PNC(Pusan Newport Company) Terminal

By | 27/02/2015

Why has world first hybrid terminal deployed CyberLogitec’s Terminal Operating System(TOS)? Inquiry to PNC(Pusan Newport Company) Terminal


CyberLogitec’s Terminal Operating system OPUS Terminal has been already implemented both in Automated & Manual terminal as well as Parallel & Vertical Yard Layout and Various Types of CHE(Container Handling Equipment).

Major reference sites are Hanjin Newport(2009), TTI Algeciras(2010), Pusan Newport(2009), and DPW Jebel Ali CT#3(2014). We are going to inquire deeper to Pusan Newport Company (PNC) today.


The Business of PNC

Pusan Newport Company Ltd. (PNC) has constructed 2.0 km of continuous quay wall 6 berths out of the total thirty 30 berths of the overall Pusan New Port Project.

Deep berths of 16~17meters, advanced container handling equipment, automated gates, integrated terminal operating systems plus an extremely dedicated team ensures that PNC continues to handle vessel and terminal operations with efficiency and high productivity.

The company knew that automation is the key success factor in today’s container Terminal business. To safeguard and continuously improve the service quality and profitability, the company decided to introduce new ASCs for additional 1,250 meter long wharf. PNC strived to find ways to maximize its revenue potential and save operating costs.

PNC_Pusan Terminal Layout

PNC_Pusan Terminal Layout


The Challenge to CyberLogitec for TOS

PNC wanted new automated yard blocks to be integrated existing terminal operating system. The attempt took more than a year, ending up in totally different from what the company expected. Even the terminal operating system provided by the most famous TOS (Terminal Operating System) supplier in the world was not able to integrate the operation of automated yard blocks and that of existing manual yard blocks. The consequence was quite grave. There were only 8 months until the first vessel’s visiting.

The project was quite challenging to both CyberLogitec and PNC. So the decision was made to go live with the least manual blocks integrated and to start implementation of automated block independently at point of yard crane delivery in automated blocks. Based on standard project management methodology of CyberLogitec, project team was formed and started collecting user requirements. After two months of collecting requirements and six months of preparation, a new automated terminal commenced operation in June 2009.


The Solution

The best practices for this terminal include gate automation, Terminal Logistics Control (TLC), Multi User Planning, Yard Tractor (YT) Pooling, Dual Cycle and Twin/Tandem operation.

The core function for automated terminal from the above was TLC module. The performance of automated cranes was optimized by the module which consists of YT pooling, job scheduler etc. Although traffic control for YT was based on simple passive RFID which covers wider area, OPUS Terminal could manage the terminal logistics by integrated TLC Module. By giving a passive role to ASC of performing single order created by TOS, the difficulty of job optimization and interface between ASC and yard tractor was minimized.


Hybrid Operation, on a single TOS

PNC is the world’s first mega-hybrid terminal combined with automation and conventional terminal type. And it consists of 6 berths, 3 of them are operated in conventional RMG; the other 3 berths are semi-automated type. Total 6 berths terminal is operated by one single OPUS Terminal system.

Terminal Operating System for Terminal Automation @ Pusan terminal

Terminal Operating System for Terminal Automation @ Pusan terminal


Before versus After using OPUS Terminal: Drastic Advance

CyberLogitec conducts the TOS implementation, data migration from previous TOS and system interface/integration with 3rd parties like OCR, RFID, ERP and etc. After implementing OPUS Terminal, PNC has been yielding better productivity compared to previous TOS, which was provided by major TOS provider.


Performance Improvement after using OPUS Terminal

Performance Improvement after using OPUS Terminal

If you are interested in more information about our OPUS Terminal, or improving performance of your terminal as PNC(Pusan Newport Company) has, please do not hesitate to contact us via the method below in any way you would like.


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