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Shipping and Terminal Industry Trend (3/3)

Shipping and Terminal Industry Trend Ⅲ   We are going to share the last story of Shipping and Terminal Industry Trend. If you are curious about first and second article about industry trend, click the link please. If you are interested in Shipping and Terminal Industry Trend 1 and Shipping and Terminal Industry Trend 2,… Read More »

Three features of Terminal Operating System that brings terminal performance enhancement.

Three features of Terminal Operating System that brings terminal performance enhancement.   The needs for super-sized and high-performance terminals are rising as international trade and numbers of large vessels have increased. Overall productivity and efficiency of terminals is becoming more important in the global competition between the terminals, and the increase of throughput and demands… Read More »

What drives to install Terminal Automation System?

What drives to install Terminal Automation System?   1. What is Terminals? The word ‘Terminal’ is from Latin Terminus, which means the last stop on a bus or train route, where the bus or the train turns round or starts a journey in the opposite direction. In train terms, it means the last stop, in… Read More »

How Container Terminal Automation Helps Terminals Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

  Please check out ABB’s awesome interview about how automation technology helps modern terminals enhance productivity and overall efficiency. ABB and CyberLogitec had worked together in a couple of automated terminals in South Korea, you can find them in the clip. Thanks again ‘Uno Bryfors’ and ‘PTI’ for the great interview.  Posted by Jake Kim, Terminal… Read More »

Types of Automated Container Terminals

An automated container terminal can be defined as a terminal that runs as an automated process some or all of discharging of ships, transport, and yard equipment operations.  Categorization of container terminals by automated zone Automated container terminals are classified into full and semi automation according to the degree of automation. Full or semi automation… Read More »

Container Terminal Operations and Automation in Middle-East

The Use of Automation in Container Terminal is Becoming Gradually Common Requiring higher productivity, container terminals are increasingly deploying terminal automation. Jebel Ali container terminal #3 and King Abdullah Port have recently commenced their operations successfully. Both of these terminals implemented CyberLogitec’s leading-edge technology, OPUS Terminal and Eagle Eye as their TOS and automation package.… Read More »

What is a Container Terminal Automation System?

  A container terminal is where the mode of container transport shifts between maritime and inland transportation. A terminal has containers carrying cargo as well as cranes and trucks, and uses them to move containers from a ship to the yard or vice versa, or from the yard to outside the terminal.   A manual container… Read More »