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New Policy for Dry Bulk Cargo for Major Ports from August 20

NEW DELHI – To increase efficiency of major ports, a new berthing policy for dry bulk cargo will be in place from August 20, the government said today. “Ministry of Shipping has formulated a new Berthing Policy for Dry Bulk Cargo for all major ports which will come into effect from August 20, 2016,” Ministry of… Read More »

Dry Bulk Market Sees Greater Influence of Large Shippers

In the current global dry bulk market, while large shippers exercise increasing influence, traditional shipping companies see their role shrinking. Large shippers have different strategies for owning and chartering ships, and more of them charter than own ships, thus exercising a strong influence on the shipping market.   Examples of large shippers chartering ships The… Read More »

Easter Special: The World’s cacao Logistics and Trade

Easter Special: The World’s cacao Logistics and Trade   The English word “Easter” and German word “Ostern” derive from the name of the goddess of spring worshipped by the Teutons. One item that is consumed the most on this holiday is none other than chocolate. They are consumed in the form of Easters Eggs or… Read More »

How to Make Ship Chartering Contracts Easy

I Know What You did Last Ship Chartering Contract People take pictures of or write a journal about what they want to remember for a long time or what they consider to be valuable memory. Such experiences ordinarily stay beyond their memory and are easily called in when they look at or try to look… Read More »