How to reinforce communication between forwarders and partners (Case Study)

By | 06/04/2015

How to reinforce communication between forwarders and partners (Case Study)



Hyundai Glovis has its own shipping company operating system designed for sea transport of automobiles, raw materials for steel production, and steel products. It has decided to establish linkage with SmartLink, the customs network service of CyberLogitec, to enable through the customer company’s shipping company operating system the EDI declaration of Exit Summary Declaration (EXS) for Europe-bound transport vessels to be checked into the customs authority at specific export destinations in Europe, and to ensure a system connection with any logistics partner.


[The logistics services of Hyundai Glovis]

Sea / air

Land transport of automobiles

Land transport of auto parts

Land transport of steel products

Transport management system


Check in/out inventory management

Supply chain rationalization

JIT/JIS timeliness of delivery

Warehouse management system

Logistics center

Forwarding various import & export cargoes

Import & export logistics system

Logistics information

Ordering, purchasing, packaging, forwarding, and shipment

CKD system

Control center

Sea transport of automobiles

Sea transport of raw materials for steel production and steel products

Chartering or hiring of vessels

Shipping company operating system

SmartLink has set up its connection with the customs in nine EU countries of the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal, and completed the work of setting up its interface with customer’s newly developed shipping company operating system. Thus, it is possible now to file an EDI document created in a customer’s system with customs in Europe.