Build a Home with a Shipping Container (2/2)

By | 11/05/2015

Build a Home with a Shipping Container second part


In our earlier piece on the container house, we checked how a container house was used as an eco-friendly architectural item. Now, what excellent architectural pieces that we have around are made with cargo containers?


1. A beautiful office design that uses containers

Container Office_Group 8

Container Office_Group 8 (Source: Group 8)

This is an office look designed by Group 8, an architectural firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. The design came up with an independent space with containers alone and without bothering to separate the space, and in a remarkable demonstration of uniqueness, the characteristics of a cargo container were fully exploited, thus obviating the need to design a separate partition or a meeting room. By tapping into the material and concept of a shipping container, they easily captured the characteristic mix of an open and cool office space and an independent space that ensured concentration. While the idea is unique and fun as it takes containers for using space, the architectural design actually creates an office atmosphere that is at once very neat and pretty much modern. Also, the combination of a modern building and a vintage cargo container alone delivers a fresh look to its customers. More than anything else, it is all the better because such a design would save resources. This must be a case in which two birds of design and efficiency have been killed with one stone.

Container Office3_Group 8

Container Office3_Group 8

Container Office2_Group 8

Container Office2_Group 8


2. A dream container dormitory that is at once inexpensive and well-designed

Container house_Cattini Architects

Container house_Cattini Architects (

Cattini Architects, a French architectural firm, built a college dorm with containers. Their project exploited the fact that as the construction of a house that uses containers would greatly reduce costs for structure and materials, it can be cheaper than the construction of ordinary homes (dorm in this case). It is popular among students, as it has lowered housing rates. The building that has the size of ten 10-story apartments comes to a total area of 24m2, with the front of the container being used as a terrace to ensure natural lighting. Having provided an effective solution to the rising home prices and upgraded the usability of space, it is the best case in which containers are used to build a public building.

Container house

Container house (Source:

Certainly, containers register good usability not only for maritime transport but also as construction materials. Even containers can turn into beautiful and stylish buildings through creative ideas and initiatives. Moreover, as mentioned in the earlier article, another attraction presented by shipping containers is that they make it possible to pursue the beauty of coexistence between modern and antique. Name of the game would be how one can incorporate practical and sensable into a design, and ideas that use space will have to mushroom and be established as standards. Thu, we can look forward to an increase in building that use containers and container buildings that upgrade the usability of resources. This will also serve as another method for effectively reducing industrial wastes and creating eco-friendly space creation.

3. A container house available from Airbnb

Inkijk museum_container house2

Inkijk museum_container house2 (Source: airbnb)

Eindhoven is a city located in North Brabant, the second largest province in the southern Netherlands. The Dommel river flows in the city, which is an industrial center that hosts Philips, the representative Dutch global company and the home to PSV Eindhoven, the famous soccer team. Notably, the city was built on river sand. This historic and lively city has a space converted from containers that used to be a laundry for a textile factory, and it is called Inkijkmuseum. The Dutch name means ‘museum one looks into’, and as a visitor steps into the lodging, small and large picture frames that fill its walls draw the gaze.

Inkijk museum_container house1

Inkijk museum_container house1 (Source: airbnb)

The exhibits are pictures that were painted by world-wide artists with the topic of ‘Show Your Hope’. The lodging boasts an excellent location, as it has the Dommel and a number of nice bars and restaurants with a 100m radius. Staying at this small museum presents an opportunity to indulge in the Dutch landscape. To boot, the house is available from Airbnb, which charges about USD 60 per night.

Inkijk museum_container house3

Inkijk museum_container house3 (Source: airbnb)