Why Large Shippers Are Obsessed with Shipping Market

In our last article, we said that dry bulk carrier market will see increasing influence of large shippers. Particularly, large shippers are exercising a powerful influence on the shipping market mainly by chartering ships instead of owning them. To be specific, large shippers prefer to charter rather than own ships, because they see less financial… Read More »

Dry Bulk Market Sees Greater Influence of Large Shippers

In the current global dry bulk market, while large shippers exercise increasing influence, traditional shipping companies see their role shrinking. Large shippers have different strategies for owning and chartering ships, and more of them charter than own ships, thus exercising a strong influence on the shipping market.   Examples of large shippers chartering ships The… Read More »

How to Take Full Advantage of CBF for Stowage Planning

In our last article, we took a look at the merits of the client/server stowage planning system and checked how process improvement realizes cost reduction. In this article, let’s take a close look at specific cases in which solutions are created and operated for shipping companies. We will focus our attention on how stowage planning… Read More »

Episode 2 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation

Episode 2 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation In Episode 1 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation, we checked on the innovation strategy for Amazon that led its growth from the very first beginning. Today, we’re going to see how Amazon currently works for its innovation and development. In fact, Amazon’s logistic innovation is well-reputed as it is illustrated… Read More »

Shipping Containers Spotlighted through Upcycling as Cultural Space

Shipping Containers Spotlighted through Upcycling as Cultural Space   As box-shaped structures designed for cargo transport, shipping containers are characteristically semi-permanent and thus reusable. Moreover, they are created through special design with a view to promoting convenience. The advantage of a container is that its standardized structure reduces unloading and delivery time in international transport,… Read More »