Living Tomorrow’s Port Today

Achieving optimum productivity is always on the minds of senior management, and as the level of competition escalates, this becomes an increasing concern with larger ships and bigger ports raising the stakes. The concept of today’s smart ports is to help terminal operators and shipping lines maximise productivity and reduce turnaround times by investing in… Read More »

In Conversation with Mr Youn-Keun Lee, Managing Director, CyberLogitec Global Pte Ltd

CyberLogitec Global celebrates its first year of market presence in Singapore as CyberLogitec’s sales and marketing operation for the maritime, terminal and logistics industry. Singapore is the natural choice because it is internationally recognized as a leading maritime nation. Today, CyberLogitec Global operates independently from CyberLogitec group, focusing on increasing its global business presence, by… Read More »

3 Ways To Shore Up Your Maritime Performance

Maritime transport is the backbone of globalisation and trade. In recent years, international seaborne trade has seen substantial growth even as it battles to increase utilisation rates, cope with the introduction of “mega-ships” and accommodate customer demands for increased visibility and velocity in the supply chain. Having a well-supported technological solution that supports all business… Read More »

2 Ways to Improve Liner Service Quality

In a recent annual shipper satisfaction survey conducted by Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) for 400 shippers and forwarders, it was revealed that shipper’s satisfaction with documentation accuracy scored 3.4 out of 5, but the quality of the customer service received only 2.9. The survey also reveals that carrier performance has deteriorated in… Read More »

Reinventing For The Future

Technological disruption within the maritime industry is transforming before our very eyes. Markets have been roiled by the recent merger of large shipping liners and the economic uncertainties between America and China. There are also issues with the shift in consumer purchasing preferences to buy experiences than goods. All these have contributed to a cautious… Read More »

‘Cooperation’ to ‘Collaboration’ in Container Liner business.

Under the liner shipping environment which is being challenged from various aspects internally and externally, it is imperative to have cooperation with partner lines. If considering the principle of service network which is comprised of physical ships and networks connected to the port calls, it is evident that more flexibilities are coming from available assets… Read More »

How are Container Liners Communicating each other​?

Communication is a fundamental element when keeping cooperation between container liners as various data have to be exchanged between carriers. (Please refer to the article ‘Cooperation’ to ‘Collaboration’ in Container Liners Business for details) It is related not only whether each carrier has EDI capabilities but also being affected by the structure of partnerships which keeps evolving… Read More »

Terminal Productivity from Container Liner’s View

The meaning of productivity is the ratio of output against input made with expectations. In this generic definition, there are two different approaches would be possible in the container terminal operation productivity. One from container liner’s view and another is terminal operator’s perspective. Approach for the consumers(container liners) who are supposed to receive the service… Read More »

Port Time vs. Sea Time? Omni-Operation!

What does it mean port time vs. sea time in container liner operation? Depend on the scale of container liner, it could be separated the responsible teams who were focusing port time and sea time, in specifically, vessel operation and terminal operation. One of the side effects in approaching two different operations is the possibility… Read More »