NACCS Signed Agreement regarding Japan Advanced Filing Rules and Why

By | 04/11/2014

3 Main Factors We Are Chosen as a Service Provider for Japan Advance Filing Rules


Japan Advance Filing Rules went into force in March 2014. The program is designed to promote safety by checking in advance any hazardous materials in containers that are going to be offloaded in Japanese ports. Shippers and shipping companies that export goods to Japan are now required to file an electronic customs declaration with Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (NACCS) Center 24 hours before a ship’s departure from a port of origin. NACCS Center selected 19 companies that would provide related services. In choosing one of them, a customer should consider the following.
1. Does it have experience with EDI in Japan Customs?
2. Does it have a system for disaster response, rescue, and related services?
3. Does it have a global service network?
Meanwhile, CyberLogitec signed in January a work agreement with NACCS Center for providing services related to Advance Filing Rules for cargoes exported to Japan. CyberLogitec was rated highly for its involvement for over ten years in EDI customs in Japan and its preparedness against natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami with Disaster Recovery Center and backup for the service.
NACCS agreement regarding japan advanced filing rules 
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