Integrated Work System for Logistics Company: Case of A.I.F. Global Network

By | 25/11/2014
international freight forwarding company A.I.F. Global Network

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A.I.F. Global Network (A.I.F hereafter) is a logistics company specializing in the forwarding of freight that provides international logistics services of air and sea transport, project cargo, and customs clearance, based on its own global network through the US, Europe, and Japan. Since it began its business in Los Angeles in 1990, the company expanded its operation in the US, which includes branches in Chicago and New York. Further, the company has so far created its international network that includes branches in Japan, Germany, and Italy, thus providing logistics services to a number of customers around the world.
As the company grew in size and its services expanded, it perceived an increasing need to acquire an IT system that could flexibly respond to the changing managerial environment including marketing management and customer service.
For such internal and external reasons, A.I.F came to undertake in 2011 the project for creating OPUS Forwarding in partnership with CyberLogitec. The project lasted for total six months, and based on OPUS Forwarding, our forwarding solution, we carried out replacement of the global operating system, linkage for an integrated accounting system, EDI linkage with German customs etc.
The toughest part of the project was concerned with minimizing the confusion in the field from the system replacement by accurately figuring out and applying work process in different overseas branches.
For this purpose, we heard requirements and performed an analysis on any discrepancies with our solution through video conference etc. with the international branches of A.I.F. And the entire project proceeded on a two-phase implementation, which consisted in the first trial designed for on-spot training and on-site feedback, and then the second legitimate start of the service.
Notably, to integrate the work and accounting data in the application that provides independent operation with different overseas branches, we adopted and applied the data replication of MSSQL and provided such features as global revenue and profit calculation based on the integrated data.
With the creation of the forwarding system, our customer has overcome the limitations with the previous operating system and now expects effects including an accurate company-wide performance calculation that encompasses its overseas branches. Besides, now the web-based operating system is created, A.I.F has secured an infrastructure that can register a flexible response to future expansion of IT features such as customer portal.

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