Interview: Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason throws new insight of vision in Terminal Industry (2/2)

By | 27/03/2015

Interview: Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason throws new insight of vision in Terminal Industry

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: What are the current status/issues in the market, and where do you think the market is headed?

Interview Clip of Jason Hyeon from CyberLogitec

Jason: The terminal market is rather sensitive to the global economy, and the recent recession is taking away from the vitality of investment in the market. However, in the long term I expect the terminal industry to continue to grow because of the anticipation for recovery in the market. Especially under the current situation in which maritime shipping companies cannot increase their earnings as much as in the past, I expect there to be more projects to increase efficiency of the terminals rather than to build new terminals or expand existing ones.

Looking at this issue from such a perspective, I believe the trend of automation in the terminals will accelerate and they will become unmanned increasingly. This is because vessels are enlarging, shown from the building of 20,000TEU-class ship in Japan; such a trend brings about more large-scale works, and creates need for human error prevention, shortening of planning time for a large-scale cargoes, and decision making focused on terminal optimization and making it more efficient.

Vice President of Terminal Business Unit Jason 2

Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason

And as the traffic of goods that terminal workers must control increases due to the enlargement of cargo ship, the need for systems that prevent human error and plans a large volume of cargoes is increasing. This is to increase the strength and GM of container ship stowage by utilizing programs optimized for stabilization, while overcoming temporal limitation and enhance efficiency. This also explains the high interest for OPUS Stowage in Asia, Middle East, and Europe.
Continued studies for understanding technological trends such as big data and IoT, and their direct and indirect effect and market utilization are being conducted. While forecasting was conducted through analysis of standardized data in the past, we will be able to induce valuable and significant results from unstandardized data by using new technologies such as IoT.

: How are you responding to market issues?

Jason: All customers seek to buy a high-quality solution at a low cost. Because quality and cost are positively correlated, however, it is difficult to buy a good product for cheap. As such, CyberLogitec looks to utilize its insights about the market to propose an adequate level of solution at the most reasonable price to the customers.

Vice President of Terminal Business Unit Jason 1

Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason

Because the loss of jobs caused by automation of terminals is becoming a social issue, we are looking to find a solution to the future of terminal operation. Rather than simply replacing workers with automated machines and systems in order to reduce costs, we need to consider a plan for assigning professional workers to jobs that provide a bigger value to the terminal.
: Where do you plan to steer the unit to?

Jason: Our objective is to have the most share in the TOS market. Even after we achieve this goal, we are planning to focus our efforts and studies in two directions.

Vice President of Terminal Business Unit Jason @ his office

Head of Terminal Business Unit Jason @ his office

First is to increase the value of our customers. This parallels the company mission of establishing a successful partnership in which our products offer value to our customers, while the customers and CyberLogitec grow together in value.

Second is to increase employee satisfaction and pride. What is as important as the satisfaction of our customers is that of our employees. I will provide opportunities for my employees to take pride in the fact that they are working in a good company to create good solutions, as well as sympathize with the value that the company and the solution strive for. We are also planning to provide professional education to our employees so that they may stay flexible in the ever-changing environment, retain insights about the market.



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