(Infographics) Comparison between Five of the Longest Ships of Their Type

By | 27/07/2015

(Infographics) Comparison between Five of the Longest Ships of Their Type


Infogoraphics_Comparison between Five of the Longest Ships of Their Type

Infogoraphics_Comparison between Five of the Longest Ships of Their Type


Ships are classified by their respective types, such as oil tanker, container ship, bulk carrier, passenger ship, and aircraft carrier.

And each of the different categories has the largest ship in the world. Let us use this occasion to learn the world’s largest ships as presented in infographics.


The king of oil tankers is Knock Nevis.

Launched in 1979, Knock Nevis was constructed by a Japanese company named Sumitomo Heavy Industries and was operated by Prayati Shipping. The ship could carry nearly 3 million drums of oil, and when the ship was loaded to the full, it could not pass through Panama Canal or Suez Canal because it went too deep in the water. The gigantic 458m oil tanker was run with a 33-men crew including its captain. What a surprise!


No. 1 container ship is CSCL Globe.

Owned by CSCL (China Shipping Container Lines), the ship was launched by Hyundai Heavy Industries of Korea. Equipped with the largest ever engine, the ship registers an engine efficiency 20% higher when compared to other container ships. Its length of 400m equals four football stadiums combined and the ship can carry about 19,000 containers. The volume can accommodate 1.43 billion iPhones, 1.34 billion units of Samsung Galaxy S6, and 120,000 units of Ferrari 458.


The largest bulk carrier is Vale Brasil.

Ordered to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering by Vale Shipping Holdings and completed in 2010, Vale Brasil wasn’t allowed into Chinese ports. In fact, its size is enormous enough to carry an amount of steel for building three Gold Gate Bridges.


Launched in 2009 at STX Turku Shipyard in Finland and operated by Caribbean International, Allure of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship.

It includes 24 elevators for its guests and offers 25 dining options including Starbucks. It has as many as 2,704 staterooms, which add up to ten 16-story buildings. The ship can accommodate minimum 6,000 guests with a 2,300-person crew serving them.


When it comes to ships that stay afloat at sea, you shouldn’t leave out aircraft carrier. The largest aircraft carrier that has ever been made is USS Enterprise, now decommissioned.

Built in 1962 by Newport News Shipbuilding, the carrier served in the United States Navy. The carrier name was taken from the Star Trek starship Enterprise. Appearing in several films including Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, USS Enterprise could travel at the speed of 60km/h with up to 90 aircrafts on board.


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