How this Container Terminal Automation System Works

By | 14/08/2014
To move a container to a harbor, RTG(Rubber Tyred Gantry Crance) and ITV(In Terminal Vehicle) must participate in the same job. Good communication between these two is required for finishing a job. We developed the terminal application system with enhanced user interface. It now can give job order to ITV and RTG operators working at the container terminal to carry and stack containers fast, accurately and effectively. See how it works via a video below.

This Eagle Eye* VMT(Vehicle Mounted Terminal) was selected as a finalist at the International Design Excellence Awards 2014! If you want to know more about Eagle Eye VMT on the IDEA 2014, go to this page to look at its designing process and how we improved the product UI
*Eagle Eye
This is a fully integrated automation system designed and developed for modern container terminals to focus their efforts on increasing efficiency in yard operations, while integrating other terminal operation processes. Learn more about this container terminal automation system here.