CyberLogitec Eagle Eye interviewed Port Technology International(PTI) at TOC Europe 2015 in Rotterdam

By | 13/08/2015

Eagle Eye, which has been developed to meet operation requirements of modern container terminals, is not only a terminal asset and container monitoring/tracking system but is a process automation system supporting security/safety management.

CyberLogitec explain how as a company they are tackling new industry demands in a changing, global market. Port Technology International (PTI) spoke to Brian Jung and Jason Hyeon at TOC Europe 2015 in Rotterdam

Eagle eye is advanced solutions for terminals that designed for automated terminals as well as originally conventional ones. It is not focused on muscle side of automation. Instead it is focused on brain with virtual terminal system with real time feature.

As afore mentioned, it can be applied for both conventional terminal and automated terminal. Vessel is getting bigger so is terminals. It derives safety and efficiency issues more and more. Eagle Eye can meet the needs.

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