Container Terminal Operations and Automation in Middle-East

By | 02/10/2014

The Use of Automation in Container Terminal is Becoming Gradually Common

Requiring higher productivity, container terminals are increasingly deploying terminal automation. Jebel Ali container terminal #3 and King Abdullah Port have recently commenced their operations successfully. Both of these terminals implemented CyberLogitec’s leading-edge technology, OPUS Terminal and Eagle Eye as their TOS and automation package. Let’s find out a brief information on those terminal projects and the automation technology they deployed.
Convergence of ITC in maritime logistics in middle-east from CyberLogitec

*This slide was presented at 2014 ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institute) World Conference as an excellent logistics technology consulting case.


Posted by In-Chon Park, a Business Analyst who has investigated container terminal market for several years and conducted TOS projects recently.


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