Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Are Having A Super Time at the Super Bowl. So Are CyberLogiteckers.

By | 19/02/2015

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Are Having A Super Time at the Super Bowl. So Are CyberLogiteckers.

The 49th Super Bowl for NFL was captured by New England Patriots. The game was inexorably neck and neck with just 40 seconds remaining and folks in CyberLogitec offices were alternating between sighs and exultation.


  1. The Dramatic Super Bowl Upend by New England

First quarter was wrapped up in 0-0. With 9 minutes and 47 seconds left in the second quarter, New England secured its first touchdown. Afterwards, each of the two teams scored their touchdown, finishing the first half 14-14. The third quarter was dominated by Seattle. Scoring 3 more points with a field goal, Seattle began to lead New England 24-14 with Wilson’s astute pass and a touchdown by Doug Baldwin, with just 5 minutes left.

However, Seattle did not have what New England had: Tom Brady. With 8 minutes remaining for the fourth quarter, Brady delivered a fabulous touchdown pass to Danny Amendola. Chasing its rival, the Patriots finished the game 28-24 by upending the Seahawks with Julian Edelman’s touchdown scored on a pass from Brady, with 2 minutes and 2 seconds remaining.

As a result of the game, Super Bowl met its winner again in ten years. Super Bowl MVP was presented to Tom Brady, famous as the husband of Gisele Bundchen, who disclosed on Instagram a picture of herself kissing the MVP.


Gisele Bundchen kisses Tom Brady the Super Bowl MVP

Gisele Bundchen kisses Tom Brady the Super Bowl MVP(Gisele Instagram)


2. The Economic Effects of Super Bowl

A host city for Super Bowl is known to reap the economic benefits worth 600 million dollars. With wanna-be Super Bowl watchers rushing as early as one month prior to the game to book hotel rooms, hotel rates are bound to skyrocket, making it tough to get a room with a pretty hefty premium. The problem got worse with PGA Tour Phoenix Open going on in Scottsdale, which was not far away.

Major US media companies like MarketWatch, a financial information provider, and Wall Street Journal estimated that Americans spent 14.031 billion dollars to enjoy the Super Bowl match, which was held in the stadium of University of Phoenix in Glendale, AZ. MarketWatch estimated that Americans would spend 89.05 dollars on average for Super Bowl, while this year’s Super Bowl commercials were priced at 4.5 million dollars for 30 seconds.

There is a vibrant black market in Super Bowl tickets. According to a survey, a ticket can go beyond 20,000 dollars at the highest, which suggests that the average sales price for 2015 Super Bowl tickets exceeded 10,000 dollars. Precisely speaking, it is 11,195 dollars, having thus recorded a new highest price in 49 years. ESPN suggested that the extraordinarily expensive ticket price for this year was caused by the brokers’ failure to predict demand correctly.


Super Bowl ticket price surge

Super Bowl ticket price soar


  1. Chris Evans vs. Chris Pratt at CyberLogitec

At CyberLogitec, supporters’ competition was as hot as at the Super Bowl stadium.

Just as Chris Evans and Chris Pratt sided with the two different teams, Adrian Jung of Maritime Business Unit and Alan Kim of Terminal Business Unit rooted for the two different teams, thus creating rivalry among Super Bowl supporters.

Adrian Jung and Chris Evans joined hands in supporting New England Patriots, while Alan Kim and Chris Pratt hit it off as fans of Seattle Seahawks.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans at Super Bowl

Chris Pratt & Chris Evans @ Super Bowl

Source: Chris Pratt’s twitter

As we all know, the game was a victory for Adrian Jung. In token of defeat, Chris Pratt should wear the uniform of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and pay a visit to Christopher’s Haven Children’s Hospital where children with cancer are being treated. Then, what should Alan Kim do for Adrian Jung?

Any ideas?