China Customs Clearance Process: China Customs Advance Manifest

By | 31/10/2014

Global Customs Trends – China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) Regulation

1. CCAM Regulation on China Customs Clearance Process

To standardize customs administration of manifest of inbound and outbound means of transportation, and facilitate and safeguard international trade, China customs issued “Decree No. 172 of General Administration of Customs” on March 28, 2008, which requires submission of complete and correct electronic cargo manifest to China Customs 24 hours prior to loading of cargoes onto vessels going out of and into mainland China ports as of January 1, 2009.

(1) Scope of the CCAM regulation

i. It applies to all mainland China ports, excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
ii. It applies to export, import and transshipment cargo, with FROB (Freight Remain On Board) not requested.

(2) Cut off time for data submission

i. Entering China:
• Primary data items of original manifest submission: trunk line 24 hours, feeders from Hong Kong and Macau 2 hours, before vessel loading at overseas POL (port of loading).
• Secondary data items of original manifest submission: before vessel arrival at mainland China POD (port of discharge).
ii. Leaving China:
• Primary and secondary data items of pre-stowage manifest submission: trunk line 24 hours, feeders to Hong Kong and Macau 4 hours, before vessel loading at mainland China POL.
• Loading manifest submission: 30 minutes before vessel loading at mainland China POL.

(3) Manifest amendment procedure after submission?

i. Amendment before cut off time:
To send EDI amendment request to China Customs directly.
ii. Amendment after cut off time:
• To send both EDI and manual amendment request to China Customs.
• Requested documents in paper for manual process include: application form of manifest amendment; BL copy; and paper form manifest with seal.
• To arrange subsequent operation according to customs feedback message.

(4) Manifest revision case after customs cut off time

In any of the following cases, the manifest can be revised without any penalty:
• Loss or damage of the goods caused by force majeure;
• Part of or all export cargo in the manifest is shut out or shipped in a different means of transportation due to loading, stowing or other reasons;
• The more-or-less amount of the bulk cargo is within prescribed limits;
• Errors in data transmission caused by other objective reasons.

(5) What shall customer provide before the documentation closing?

The information should meet China Customs’ relative requirements for the data elements, which mainly include the following items:
• Complete names and addresses of the shipper, consignee and notify party
• Place of receipt, loading, discharging and delivery
• Cargo description such as the exact commodity name, quantity, packaging types and weight
• Container number and seal number

2. New China Customs Advance Manifest system effective

Effective June 28, 2014 (based on vessel arrival at China port of discharge), China Customs is requiring full compliance with the CCAM regulation on advance manifest submission. Although this regulation began in 2009, compliance with the requirements has not been mandatory until now. Below are the details of the regulatory requirements.

Cargo Subject to Advance Filing All containerized cargo discharging in China for final delivery in China.
Cargo Not Subject to Advance Filing Requirements FROB(freight remaining on board), cargo transshipping via China for delivery outside of China, Ro/Ro, break bulk, empty containers and NVOCC House bills of lading are not subject to the advance filing requirements.
Deadline of Advance Manifest Filing The carrier is required to submit data a minimum of 24 Hours prior to loading the vessel that will call China.
Documentation Cut-Off In order to ensure timely filing and allow operational flexibility in the event of noncompliance or the issuance of a DO NOT LOAD order, the documentation cut-off will be 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) prior to the respective port CY cut-off date/time for the applicable vessel.
Required Data Elements * Name of Shipper, Consignee & Notify Party(s)
* Complete street address, P.O. Box number, city, state / province of Shipper, Consignee & Notify Party(s)
* Place of Receipt
* Port of Loading
* Port of Discharge
* Place of Delivery
* Container Number(s)
* All Seal numbers affixed to container(s)
* Complete cargo description
* Gross weight per commodity item
* Total gross weight
* Number and type of packages per commodity item
* Total number and type of packages
* Complete hazardous commodity details (if applicable)
Administrative charges associated with this regulation are currently being evaluated.

3. China Customs website

For more information on China 24 hour Advance Manifest Filing Rules, please visit China Customs website:
• Decree No.172 in English:
• Decree No.172 in Chinese:
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