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From Good to Great – Making the TOS Leap 2.0

In this 2-part series, we continue to take inspiration from the book ‘From Good To Great’ authored by Jim Collins. One of the success factors to an organization is by focusing on one area and being the best at it. On the same note, ports and terminals have to consider realigning themselves to the needs of… Read More »

From Good to Great – Making the TOS Leap 1.0

Ports play a major maritime role in a country’s economic development. The terminal industry therefore has to end its divisive nature and embrace a more collaborative view of things in order to be successful. In the book ‘From Good To Great’ authored by Jim Collins, it is suggested that one of the keys to success… Read More »

Driving Innovation at the Inaugural CyberLogitec Summit 2018

CyberLogitec held its first Summit last week, hosting more than 35 international customers, guests, partners and friends. The event is testament of our strong competencies in business consultation and execution of our solutions. We place strong emphasis in customer service and integrity as our key values that will bring success and sustainability to our business.… Read More »

Container Ports: 2 Ways To Fast Track Transformational Change

What shippers really want to know the timeliness of the vessel’s arrival, that the port will have allocated delivery trucks and cranes ready to service them at berth. They need the port to be flexible to manage their transhipment requirements, and re-organise  cargo in response to unanticipated circumstances. They also need ports to be proactive… Read More »