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‘Cooperation’ to ‘Collaboration’ in Container Liner business.

Under the liner shipping environment which is being challenged from various aspects internally and externally, it is imperative to have cooperation with partner lines. If considering the principle of service network which is comprised of physical ships and networks connected to the port calls, it is evident that more flexibilities are coming from available assets… Read More »

How are Container Liners Communicating each other​?

Communication is a fundamental element when keeping cooperation between container liners as various data have to be exchanged between carriers. (Please refer to the article ‘Cooperation’ to ‘Collaboration’ in Container Liners Business for details) It is related not only whether each carrier has EDI capabilities but also being affected by the structure of partnerships which keeps evolving… Read More »

Terminal Productivity from Container Liner’s View

The meaning of productivity is the ratio of output against input made with expectations. In this generic definition, there are two different approaches would be possible in the container terminal operation productivity. One from container liner’s view and another is terminal operator’s perspective. Approach for the consumers(container liners) who are supposed to receive the service… Read More »

Port Time vs. Sea Time? Omni-Operation!

What does it mean port time vs. sea time in container liner operation? Depend on the scale of container liner, it could be separated the responsible teams who were focusing port time and sea time, in specifically, vessel operation and terminal operation. One of the side effects in approaching two different operations is the possibility… Read More »

Where are the Top 100 Container Liners moving?

If we are tracking each container liner’s operating vessels’ number as well as the average capacity of a ship, it represents certain trends in number and capacity wise. Trend 1: The number of ships is moving upper direction, which means increasing numbers of the ship in general. Trend 2: The average capacity of a ship… Read More »

Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (3)

It is continued post from posting ‘Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (2)’ The 7th core value in ALLEGRO is about network  control which is getting more important even in  accordance with the extended cooperation with partner lines, and diversified hub ports for efficient  operations. ALLEGRO’s service network management provides maximum combination of service… Read More »

Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (2)

It is continued post from posting ‘Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (1)’ The 4th core value that ALLEGRO can provide is exception management which will be a key differentiate element in commoditized liner shipping industry. As ALLEGRO works under integrated and inter-linked business process, efficient handling exceptions are critical not only for… Read More »

Values in ALLEGRO, all about the Liner Shipping (1)

It is not a day one solution but based on 20 + Years of business experience in H-co, and stepping up through the projects 2013 Heung-A / 2014 Kambara + Camellia + NYK / 2015 PIL / 2016 JAPAN 3 J/V ONE, we made functionalities upgrade even more and those are proved under various real… Read More »

CyberLogitec’s new maritime IT solution ALLEGRO / CARA Roadshow in Shanghai

(CEO’s and IT managers from the local shipping companies participated the Roadshow are listening to the presentation) CyberLogitec’s new maritime IT solution ALLEGRO/CARA Roadshow in ShangHai 21 SEP 2017 – The maritime logistics IT solution provider CyberLogitec (CEO : J.R. Choi, held a Roadshow for its new solution ALLEGRO and CARA on September 21st… Read More »