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Build a Home with a Shipping Container (2/2)

Build a Home with a Shipping Container second part   In our earlier piece on the container house, we checked how a container house was used as an eco-friendly architectural item. Now, what excellent architectural pieces that we have around are made with cargo containers?   1. A beautiful office design that uses containers This is… Read More »

Build a Home with a Shipping Container?

Build a Home with a Shipping Container?   A container is an indispensable tool for the transport industry. It is an innovative item that is widely used throughout sea, air, and land transport.   Yet, how many people would think of a cargo container when they build a home? People may do so if they… Read More »

Easter Special: The World’s cacao Logistics and Trade

Easter Special: The World’s cacao Logistics and Trade   The English word “Easter” and German word “Ostern” derive from the name of the goddess of spring worshipped by the Teutons. One item that is consumed the most on this holiday is none other than chocolate. They are consumed in the form of Easters Eggs or… Read More »

CEO’s interview with INTTRA, CyberLogitec’s strategic partner in Automated Customs Filing Services

INTTRA meets Jang-Rim Choi, CEO of CyberLogitec, to discuss how electronic shipping has benefited their customers.   What is CyberLogitec? CyberLogitec is an IT company specializing in maritime logistics. Since 2000, CyberLogitec has offered cutting edge solutions and state-of-the-art IT services to ocean carriers and freight forwarders around the world.   What business challenge does… Read More »

How Container Terminal Automation Helps Terminals Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

  Please check out ABB’s awesome interview about how automation technology helps modern terminals enhance productivity and overall efficiency. ABB and CyberLogitec had worked together in a couple of automated terminals in South Korea, you can find them in the clip. Thanks again ‘Uno Bryfors’ and ‘PTI’ for the great interview.  Posted by Jake Kim, Terminal… Read More »