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Episode 2 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation

Episode 2 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation In Episode 1 on Amazon’s Unstoppable Innovation, we checked on the innovation strategy for Amazon that led its growth from the very first beginning. Today, we’re going to see how Amazon currently works for its innovation and development. In fact, Amazon’s logistic innovation is well-reputed as it is illustrated… Read More »

Shipping Containers Spotlighted through Upcycling as Cultural Space

Shipping Containers Spotlighted through Upcycling as Cultural Space   As box-shaped structures designed for cargo transport, shipping containers are characteristically semi-permanent and thus reusable. Moreover, they are created through special design with a view to promoting convenience. The advantage of a container is that its standardized structure reduces unloading and delivery time in international transport,… Read More »

CyberLogitec Eagle Eye interviewed Port Technology International(PTI) at TOC Europe 2015 in Rotterdam

Eagle Eye, which has been developed to meet operation requirements of modern container terminals, is not only a terminal asset and container monitoring/tracking system but is a process automation system supporting security/safety management. CyberLogitec explain how as a company they are tackling new industry demands in a changing, global market. Port Technology International (PTI) spoke… Read More »

Do you Know that there is Marine Day in Japan?

You Know What, Japan Has Marine Day   Do you know that Japan has Marine Day? Marine Day (海の日 umi no hi in Japanese) is one of Japan’s fifteen national holidays. It was designated a national holiday in 1995 and it was first observed in 1996. Earlier on, Marine Day was observed on July 20,… Read More »

CyberLogitec invites you to TOC Europe

CyberLogitec is exhibiting at TOC Europe 9th – 11th June 2015 at the Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands and we invite you to join us on stand B2 at the event. Brian Jung, CyberLogitec’s consultant of terminal automation and tehnology, will make a speech about “Next Steps in Terminal Automation” at Tech TOC on 10th June from 16:30. Please… Read More »