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It’s about solutions for shipping and logistics chain provided by CyberLogitec. The section treats major issues related to maritime supply chain, which includes global shipping companies, terminals, and forwarders, and presents effective solutions to them.


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About CyberLogitec
CyberLogitec developed key solutions in the maritime logistics chain to provide superior service to customers.

CyberLogitec is an IT company specialized in maritime & logistics industry. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has been developing cutting-edge solutions and offering state-of-the-art IT services, based on technological process and extensive experience with operating the IT system of the Hanjin Shipping Group.

The wide variety of professional shipping and port logistics solutions of CyberLogitec are up-to-the-minute IT solutions that lead its clients towards success by enhancing productivity, bringing down costs, creating new business strategies and values. The solutions include advanced automated terminal operation system, integrated container & bulk carrier operation system, and CY & vessel management system.

Moving forward, CyberLogitec will continue to exercise strenuous efforts to create a brighter future for its clients, as a top-notch e-business partner that effectively and comprehensively supports its clients’ global business by building a network that reaches all parts of the world.